Revolutionize Your Organization with our People Science Platform. Our platform designed to foster well-being, efficiency, and engagement within proactive organizations. It’s your partner in nurturing talent and creating a sense of belonging in your workforce.

Features to help you Grow

Why you need Hygge to boost employee efficiency, morale and satisfaction.

Streamline your workflows and boost your efficiency with smart automation for people management and productivity.

Save time and hassle with one-stop solutions for HR and employees. Take instant actions with easy-to-use tools in one platform.

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a single platform with multiple features. Build a remote community where employees can connect and engage anytime, anywhere.

Gain insights and value from your human capital with data-driven reports. Manage costs, improve productivity, optimize insurance premiums and more.

How does Hygge make life more meaningful and valuable for your employees

The Ultimate Tool for Employee Health and Happiness with Reliable Resources, Comprehensive Analysis, and Progress Tracking

Help your employees live better with professional profiles, health analysis, and wellness initiatives

Transform your workplace culture by connecting employees, providing health tips, and tracking fitness goals

HYGGE can help you create a cozy and content workplace culture

Employees will feel more content in their work environment, which will translate into improved morale, satisfaction, performance, and retention.

Emloyees Gain access to reliable health tips and resources, empowering them to make informed decisions and adopt healthy habits

Employees can interact with other departments/branches/locations, facilitating cross-functional collaboration and communication building trust and rapport

HYGGE App can drive behaviour change and boost employee wellbeing, no matter the size of your company

Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple solutions—HYGGE offers time-saving tools consolidated into one platform.
Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple solutions—HYGGE offers time-saving tools consolidated into one platform.

Features to help you Grow

Boost Efficiency and Save Time with Automated Processes

Our platform streamlines people management and increases productivity.

More Than Just an HR Solution

Powerful Features to Transform Your Organization

Health Risk Assessment

Wellness Programs

Smart Health Tracking

Gamified Challenges


Wellbeing Dashboard

Document management

video conferencing

Automated reminders

Chat & Video call

Company calendar

Surveys & Reports

Efficiency & Cost Optimisation


Increase in employee productivity


Increase in employee retention


Increase in employee satisfaction index

Features you would love from Hygge Lite

Clinical Health Engine

Provides critical information for best possible care from you.


Provides critical information for best possible care from you.

Beautiful Analysis & Report

On point healthcare data to create a impactful healthcare strategies.

Data visualization

Provides visual representations of data to aid in great understanding.

Onboarding & Deployment

Quick and effortless implementation of a new system or software.


Easy and intuitive access to services for users.

Don’t just take our words

Andrew David

“HYGGE has not only made our employees more aware of their health issues and improved our communication with them, it has also made us an employer of choice; we’re now seen as a company that prioritizes and invests in employee wellbeing.”
Human Resource Manager, MNC

Jill Cooper

“HYGGE has become such an integral part of our internal systems. It helps us update and accurately price insurance plans. Our client retention rates have also improved by 5% this year!”
Head of Insurance

Dr. Pramod Banerjee

“HYGGE has helped our doctors massively cut down the time spent on administrative work and instead focus on treatment outcomes and their patients’ wellbeing!”
Healthcare Group

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