A powerful digital
All-In-One Innovative Health engagement

Hygge predicts & prevents lifestyle diseases. We are simplifying health assessment and making engagement measurable. Our solutions leverages the power of health risk assessment and data analytics to create targetted interventions for lifestyle conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and more

Aligned with the Sustainable Goal -3.4 to promote good health & wellbeing through prevention of non-communicable diseases

Many chronic health conditions can be prevented by reducing common risk factors such as tobacco use, inactivity, unhealthy diet and so on.

Let our Health Engagement tool Upscale your Business

Engage effortlessly & build trusted relationship with your users (clients, employees or patients), while strengthening the health and insurance ecosystems.

Deeply Personalize Health and Wellness

Evolve your health strategy, deliver high value interventions, design insurance policies and/or workplace wellness initiatives to perfectly match the current needs of your people

Quantify, Track & Measure Results for Holistic Health Management

Keep this automated, intelligent solution at
your fingertips to identify and monitor health
risks, measure the effectiveness of interventions
and engagement, and take quick actions based on insights

Unleash the full power of data

Attract, keep, and delight your customers with our solution.

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30%, reducing the burden of
lifestyle disorders,

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Improved health outcomes when done right

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improvement in employee

Don’t just take our words

Andrew David

“HYGGE has not only made our employees more aware of their health issues and improved our communication with them, it has also made us an employer of choice; we’re now seen as a company that prioritizes and invests in employee wellbeing.”
Human Resource Manager, MNC

Jill Cooper

“HYGGE has become such an integral part of our internal systems. It helps us update and accurately price insurance plans. Our client retention rates have also improved by 5% this year!”
Head of Insurance

Dr. Pramod Banerjee

“HYGGE has helped our doctors massively cut down the time spent on administrative work and instead focus on treatment outcomes and their patients’ wellbeing!”
Healthcare Group

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