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Hygge’s digital health assessment platform is a technology-driven solution that evaluates an individual's health risks based on various factors and provides insights into their overall health status.

The risk assessment process typically involves users answering a series of health-related questions about their medical history, lifestyle, habits, and demographics. The platform then analyzes the responses and generates a comprehensive risk profile.

The health assessment & engagement platform brings various benefits, largely to improve any organization's well-being. HR, People & Culture managers are currently using this solution to have a well-structured ecosystem for people care and management. Insurers, TPAs, brokers, and health providers also see the enormous value it brings in creating need-based wellness initiatives to reduce claim costs.

The platform can assess a wide range of health risks, including chronic diseases (such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular conditions), lifestyle-related risks (such as sedentary behavior, poor nutrition, and smoking), mental health risks, and occupational health risks.

Yes, the platform ensures high-level security and complies with data privacy regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR.Stringent measures are implemented to protect the confidentiality of personal health information. Each participant’s personal health information and all the details collected are strictly confidential and only aggregate scores in percentages are shared in the company’s health report.

The platform utilizes evidence-based algorithms and data analytics to generate accurate risk assessment results. The assessment framework has been compiled by medical experts and is based on approved medical guidelines. However, it's important to note that the results should be considered indicators and should not replace professional medical advice.

Users will be required to provide information such as medical history, lifestyle habits, family history of diseases, demographics, and biometric data to enhance the accuracy of the assessment.

Yes, the platform can be utilized by insurers, TPAs, organizations/SMEs, and health providers to assess the health risks of multiple individuals, enabling population health management and targeted interventions.

The risk assessment algorithms are developed based on extensive scientific research, clinical guidelines, and population health studies to ensure reliability and validity.

The frequency of risk assessments can vary based on individual needs and circumstances. However, performing a risk assessment twice a year is generally recommended.

In order to do an impact assessment and measure health progress, plan the health assessment twice a year. At first, an initial assessment and then a follow-up assessment, after significant lifestyle changes occur, is generally ideal and will help you to compare before and after results.

After completing the assessment, participants will be provided with a personalized detailed report with recommendations for health improvements, such as lifestyle modifications, preventive screenings, or suggested consultations with healthcare professionals. Oh! And if the participant is a patient whose health assessment has been initiated by a physician, then a concise health report is sent to the physician too.

Yes, the platform generates personalized recommendations for participants and also aggregate recommendations are shared with the company based on the risk assessment results. These recommendations may include lifestyle changes, wellness programs, preventive screenings, or referrals to healthcare providers.

Yes! Indeed they can. Unlike many other generic surveys and forms, Hyggelite allows its users to measure & track their health progress through the platform, allowing them to monitor changes in their risk profile, and visualize improvements over time.

Yes, Hyggelite can be integrated through our APIs with the HRMS or EMRS, and Hygge, which is the full-blown engagement platform can often be integrated with wearable devices or health-tracking apps to capture real-time health data, providing a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of an individual's health risks and health behavior.

Hygge, the health engagement solution enables your people to promptly start working on reducing the highlighted risks on their report. As a company, your aggregate report shall also indicate the pain and focus areas with best practices approach towards reducing these concern areas. Hygge also offers digital programs and incentivized gamified challenges to help you keep your people engaged in healthy living every day consistently.

Yes, Customization and white labeling are possible. Please speak to our team to discover more.

Yes, Hygge offers a comprehensive eco-system for your HR/Admin to use. Features such as automated document management, leave management, an inbuilt survey system, sharing instant notifications etc make this a unique platform, which is consolidated and reduces the hassle of completing cumbersome daily tasks. These automated features leave HR with more time to invest in people & culture initiatives

We are dedicated to your success. Our team is available to help you begin the journey with us from scratch. From the point of user onboarding, conducting campaigns, or creating wellness strategies, we shall be by your side

Customer support is available to address any questions or concerns users may have regarding the platform, its functionalities, or the risk assessment process.


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