Our Solution

“Hygge is the sense of wellbeing, it is an essence of a great organizational culture”

People Science enterprise features

A dynamic and well-connected eco-system that offers the enterprise a data driven dashboard for making better decisions. 

Connected eco-system

Benefits of work community adds to the success of the whole enterprise

People behaviour analytics

Insight and trends on multiple key metrics

Enterprise population analytics

Diversity, inclusion, gender equality and so much more

Automated tasks

Salary slips, documents, leave requests and so much more

Health statistics

Know your pain points to create tailored health initiatives for your people.


On premise or remote, use ready-to-shoot challenges for your people engagement. 

Quick access to employee information in your pocket 24/7

People Care features

A healthy workplace culture to reduce the burden of chronic lifestyle diseases within the comfort level that allows people to be at their best. 

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Analyze your health condition


Take corrective action to enhance your wellbeing

Gamified Engagement

Participate in team building activities integrated into the system

Rewards & Incentives

Redeem reward points and stay motivated to meet challenges

People Culture features

Hygge’s core features help with day-to-day strategic tasks and focus more on longterm success.  Hygge is a comprehensive and powerful localized platform that will help your team take the leap from reports to action.

Easy attendance & leave request

Your people enjoy the flexibility and ease with such useful features at their fingertips.

Hygge Chat

For all your formal and informal meetings, audio & video calls.

Salary & document Management

Your people get automated reminders for expiring documents, also automated monthly salary slips for easy access. 


Search colleagues, connect, create group chat, participate in challenges, leaderboard and be an inspiration.


Know your people’s sentiments with ready-to-shoot surveys & get feedback to make informed decisions. 

Office Dashboard

Share notifications, news & updates. Remain connected with your people via this virtual bulletin room.

The opportunity is incredible. Are you ready for it?

Hygge is a solution to hand-hold your people’s lifestyle change, which will revolutionize organizational culture.  

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