At Hygge we value the sense of wellbeing. Hence, employee confidentiality is of utmost  importance to us. We take people’s privacy seriously and will always value that at all times.  

Please note, as a member of the Workcommunity, on the platform of HYGGE, each and every  person has their confidentiality in a safe place. Your Organisation knows the importance of  protecting your identity, and by choosing to use Hygge, they have made sure that whilst creating  an eco-system of work with equal voice to every member and trying their best to improve your  health and wellbeing, they keep your identity absolutely confidential for each and every data that  your share and enter from your end.  

Through HYGGE organisations and their people, such as you get an opportunity to contribute  towards a happier, healthier culture of work. We have made sure that we put you at complete  peace of mind to be able to share your data, knowing that we never allow any identities to be  shared with any member of your organisation at any time at all. Its is kept strictly confidential.  

Here’s how HYGGE protects your identity: 

  • Your employer only receives your feedback, never your identity 
  • Through health risk assessment, you only share health report not your identity. 
  • Your employer only receives a consolidated company health report, NEVER an Individual’s.
  • Your data is combined with your co-workers’ into demographic groups, like males & females
  • There is no possibility to find out identities through a percentage of data information shown  for your feedbacks, surveys, health entries etc.  


Where can you expect your identity to be shown 

  • Hygge Chat rooms – while having chat, audio and video calls  
  • On leaderboards- while achieving a challenge or being on the top of the game as a winner
  • On your attendance log as received by the organisation  


Hygge is committed to creating a circle of care across the organisations. To be able to guide your  employer on the right wellness initiative which will benefit the employees the most. In order to do  so we would urge you to use our health assessments regularly, so that your employer can get a  fair information with regards to a consolidated employee health report. This will propel the  organisation to introduce better initiatives and create a better work culture to promote wellbeing  at work. Your identity will still be protected, even when you use the health assessments  


If you have any questions regarding our Confidentiality Commitment, we’d love to hear from you.  Please send an email to [email protected]

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